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Stack Paper Cutters (Manual) - Ream Cutters

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Take advantage of our great prices on manually operated stack and ream paper cutters. These heavy-duty cutters are very easy to use and operate. They can be used to cut a stack of paper, many of which can handle an entire ream of paper. You will find these stack cutters in copy shops, printing facilities and other businesses. We carry ream cutters from MBM Triumph, Dahle and more. Save money and buy your stack paper cutter from the Paper Cutter Store today!

Manual Paper Cutters - Guillotines

Product DescriptionCutting WidthCutting Capacity Quantity Sale
Dahle 842 Heavy Duty Paper Trimmer
Dahle 842 Heavy Duty Paper Trimmer
The Dahle 842 is the newest versions of the popular DAHLE ream cutters. These heavy-duty cutters are used for quick and accurate sizing of all types paper and card stock. 17" 200 sheets
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Dahle Heavy Duty Paper Trimmer
Dahle Heavy Duty Paper Trimmer
The Dahle 846 and 848 are heavy-duty paper cutters, which are capable of cutting large volumes of paper. These models offer many user-friendly features such as quick action clamping and a self-locking backstop. 17", 18 1/2" 500 - 800 sheets   Starting at
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Triumph 4305 Paper Cutter
Triumph 4305 Paper Cutter
Few manual stack cutters compare to the reputable MBM Triumph 4305 manually-operated stack cutter. This attractive machine not only looks great, but features the latest in paper cutting technology. This includes a an SCS safety system, clear transparent safety guards, safety switches and much more. Not only is this cutter safe, it is also extremely reliable and accurate. It includes a blade (1 ½" cutting capacity) and a manually operated clamp. 16 7/8" 1 1/2"
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MBM Triumph 4705 Paper Cutter
MBM Triumph 4705 Paper Cutter
Cutting stacks of paper is very easy and requires little effort with the MBM Triumph 4705 stack cutter. This "guillotine-style" cutter uses a heavy-duty blade to cut through up to 2.75 inches of paper in one pass. 18 3/4" 650 sheets

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