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Keencut Sabre Series 2 GPC (General Purpose Cutter)

Replaces the Keencut GPC

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Designed to cut a wide range of sheet materials, the Sabre Series 2 GPC offers a standard of straight, square and clean cutting. It is designed for use on a bench or attached to the optional stand. Sabre Series 2 includes blade depth adjustment and features a cutter head which automatically retracts to a safe position when not in use.

The innovative hinge and lift arm mechanism makes it possible to cut materials, which are longer than the length of the cutter. It also accepts materials of varying thickness without affecting either the line or angle of cut. Superbly styled, the extruded anodized aluminum base incorporates a narrow groove to accept the blade tip when cutting.

The new Sabre Series 2 GPC cutting head features a reversible Graphix Blade making it ideal for left-handed and right-handed operators. The blade locking thumb screw adds safety and convenience.

A full length silicone rubber grip strip mounted in the surface of the base and two more on the underside of the cutter bar ensures all work is held perfectly in place while cutting and provides protection for even the most sensitive surfaces.

Model Sale Price Quantity Add to Cart
General Purpose Cutter 44'' $787.50
General Purpose Cutter 60'' $918.00
General Purpose Cutter 80'' $1,053.00*
General Purpose Cutter 100'' $1,183.50*
General Purpose Cutter 120'' $1,323.00*
Please e-mail us for the price and/or the availability of any models.
See specs below for more information.

General Purpose Cutter 44'' : Retail value $875.00
General Purpose Cutter 60'' : Retail value $1,020.00
General Purpose Cutter 80'' : Retail value $1,170.00
General Purpose Cutter 100'' : Retail value $1,315.00
General Purpose Cutter 120'' : Retail value $1,470.00

* This Item Must Ship Via Truck. A Sales Representative Will Contact You With Complete Shipping Costs.


  • Guaranteed accuracy within .03"
  • Made in the U.K.
  • High-grade polymer bearings with 20 year warranty
  • Includes 25 Graphik cutting blades
  • Guaranteed .03" accuracy
  • General Purpose Cutter Click for larger images


    General Purpose Cutter
      60735 60736 60737 60738 60739
    Cutting Length 44" 64" 84" 104" 124"
    Dimensions 45"W x 14 1/4"D x 2 1/4"H 65"W x 14 1/4"D x 2 1/4"H 84 1/2"W x 14 1/4"D x 2 1/4"H 104"W x 14 1/4"D x 2 1/4"H 124"W x 14 1/4"D x 2 1/4"H
    Shipping Weight 30 lbs (13.6 kgs) 70 lbs (32 kgs) 41 30 30
    Warranty 5 year general warranty on all parts (except blades) and a 20 year warranty on the bearings.
    Product Code CUTE60735 CUTE60736 CUTE60737 CUTE60738 CUTE60739

    Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

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